The term comes from the Greek words "kinesis" which means movement and "logos", meaning science or teaching. Kinesiology is therefore the teaching of movement. Its' founder is the American Chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart who in 1964 published a research paper entitled "Applied Kinesiology".

Kinesiology incorporates knowledge from the fields of chiropractic, acupressure, nutritional science and movement teaching. It has developed enormously in the last 30 years and can be applied in nearly all aspects of life. Its' original branches and representatives are:

In the healthcare sector:

For doctors and healthcare professionals: Applied Kinesiology, Dr. George Goodheart
For healthcare laypersons: Touch for Health, Dr. John F. Thie
                                    Hyperton-X, Frank Mahony
In the field of education: Brain-Gym and Edu-K (Educational Kinesiology), Dr.Paul Dennison

Psychology: Three in One Concepts, Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside

Bewegungsakademie / Academia de Movimiento / Movement Academy
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